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Images provided by Twinings Tea. Twinings Tea gave us the opportunity to develop there marketing materials for there new range of products.

We developed and designed the layout and content of the email newsletter. We collaborated with a HTML wiz kid to get the letter functional.


A small selection of logos developed over the past 3 years

  • Logo8
  • Logo7
  • Logo6
  • Logo5
  • Logo4
  • Logo3
  • Logo2
  • Logo1
  • Logo10
  • Logo9


Brochure for GSK. Thrombosis Expert Forum

  • Extend4
  • Extend3
  • Extend2
  • Extend1

Images provided by Visual Response Ltd. I was part of the design team at Visual Response Ltd that were tasked with developing a brand for Thrombosis Expert forum which is an event that is taken around the globe to different markets.

We was tasked with developing a concept around the idea of Thrombosis and the effects that can occur in patients.


Album artwork for London Roots formally (Mr Rootsy)

  • The-Confessions1
London Roots formally (Mr Rootsy) commissioned our studio to develop his album artwork for his latest album ‘The Confessions’. He wanted it to stand out from his competitors in the industry whilst remaining timeless and iconic.
After much research we developed many concepts around the idea of confession. We used iconic imagery to represent London Roots theme whilst using a subliminal type face to place emphasis on the concept.
We are proud to announce that ‘The Confessions’ was released on the 8th April 2013 and is currently on the apple iTunes store for £7.99. Please show your support for this exciting up and coming UK hip hop artist.



Back with a bigger bite

  • Monstermunch4
  • Monstermunch3
  • Monstermunch2
  • Monstermunch1

We developed the viral campaign ‘Back with a Bigger bite’ to emphasis Monster Munch releasing the old style crisp back into the market. We built the Monster Munch piece from plaster cast and painted it by hand.

Our idea was to build a crisp bigger than a human 100X bigger than the normal size Monster Munch crisp. To our amazement it held together very well (at least for the photo shoot).

We have received recognition from Monster Munch themselves via twitter congratulating us on our viral campaign. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!


A small selection of photo manipulation

  • women2
  • women2a
  • women1
  • women1a

Our studio has the ability to craft your images into something significant that is measurable and timeless. We can provide the simplest service from retouching your wedding photos to providing graphics that sit on top of your image to give them that added effect.

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